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Drug Diversion Consulting

RXinnovate is one of the industry leaders in hospital drug diversion consulting. Drug diversion is a nationally known and recognized problem throughout healthcare. RXinnovate provides controlled substance risk analysis with detailed improvement plans from purchasing thru administration. Hospitals need to assure controlled substances are accounted for and monitored throughout all steps of the medication use process.

RXinnovate analyzes controlled substance data to identify high risk users and potential drug diversion. We analyze each step in the controlled substance process and develop action plans to reduce and/or eliminate drug diversion risk points throughout the hospital.

Consulting Services

  • Ordering, Receiving and Storage Assessment
  • DEA 222 and Documentation Analysis
  • Automated Dispensing Drug Diversion Analysis
  • Controlled Substance Waste and Disposal Assessment
  • Risk Level Determination with Drug Diversion
  • Policy and Procedures Review